Vestfrost Wine Cooler 38 Bottles

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Vestfrost Wine Cooler 38 Bottles
38 bottles -0.75 L
Dual temperature
Electronic temperature control
Built-in heating element
Free standing
adjustable wooden shelves plus a bottom integrated shelf.

Brand: Vestfrost
Made in China
Color: Black
Depth: 23.1 inch
Height: 32.7 inch
Width: 19.4 inch
Material: Metal
Model Number: W32
Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet
Style: Compact
Item EAN: 2724447687539
Shipping Weight: 40 Kg

Vestfrost beverage cooler lets you store Beverages for special occasions neatly and efficiently. This Vestfrost W32 cooler has a capacity to store 32 bottles.The Vestfrost W32 Beverage Cooler is a state of the art refrigeration equipment for Beverage storage. It maintains an ideal temperature to keep the drinks stay fresh without ruining their palate. It can store up to 32 bottles. You can keep any sized bottle comfortably by easily adjusting the wooden shelves. The built in heating element makes sure the Beverages do not turn to ice due to their long term storage in the intensely cold temperature.
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