Babyliss Super Beard Trimmer Saso

Men's Grooming
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Babyliss Super Beard Trimmer Saso
W-shaped blades For: Total hair catch
Cutting lengths: 18 - From 1 to 18 mm
Fixed blade: Stainless steel
Washable: Yes
Cord and Cordless: Yes
Autonomy: 45min
W-Tech technology: W-shaped blades for total hair catch
Sharpened using 3D etching process (EST)
Stainless steel fixed blade
Moving blade in CMS
Grooved wheel settings for the cutting lengths
18 cutting lengths
From 1 to 18 mm
1 mm precision
Cord or cordless use
45 minutes autonomy

BaByliss is the leading manufacturer of electrical personal care appliances, from hairdryers, straighteners, tongs and crimpers to hair clippers and trimmers, women's hair removal products and beauty appliances.
BaByliss products are the No.1 choice for the professionals and we use this expertise to create high-performance products designed to help you achieve a salon finish at home.
All our products use the latest technology and are thoroughly tested to give you great results.
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