Tomorrows Kitchen Peeler & Holder

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Tomorrows Kitchen Peeler & Holder
The Peeler + Holder is a combination between a holder and a peeler. The holder is inserted in the piece of fruit or the vegetable that needs to be peeled. With the peeler, the skin can easily and quickly be removed. By using the holder instead of grasping the fruit or vegetable in your hand, the peeling is quicker and safer. Both parts can be folded together for storage and the peeler has an integrated plug to remove bad spots in for instance potatoes. The Peeler +Holder is suitable for all kinds of hard fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets, apples and pears.

- Dishwasher safe
- Holder and peeler
- Safe and quick
- For hard vegetables and fruits
- Plug for removing bad spots
- Folded together for storage
- Holder stick and knife made out of stainless steel

Dimensions (wxdxh): 9,5 x 24,0 x 2,1 cm
Weight: 0,05 kg
Country of origin: Poland

Smart and innovative tools designed for every kitchen.

Despite the fact the brand Tomorrow's Kitchen was founded in 2016, its assortment contains award-winning products older than the brand itself. One of these products is the iconic Pineapple Slicer invented in 1992. Although the idea is 25 years old, it kept evolving, resulting in a product used all over the world. An incredible history, from one single idea to a worldwide best-seller being used in millions of household.
Tomorrows Kitchen will focus exclusively on innovative kitchen and table items that can be used during the preparation of foods, but also allow consumers to enjoy themselves at the dining table. The word 'Tomorrow' has a double meaning. It is expressing the innovative character of the products as well as the company's social values in which high value is being given to our future responsibility to society. The production and assembly is mainly based in the Netherlands or within European borders, which assures all Tomorrow's Kitchen's customers of high quality products.
Tomorrow's Kitchen believes its growth should derive from its own capability to introduce truly new products to the consumers throughout the world. The introduction of unique products with an added value enables Tomorrow's Kitchen to offer something extra to both consumer and retailer. Next to offering something extra when it comes to products, Tomorrow's Kitchen also add something extra when it comes to the complete enjoyment experience.
Everyone knows how to cook a meal or how to set the table. Making this a festive occasion is a whole different kind of cookie. That's where the products from Tomorrow's Kitchen will come in handy but also the new website stuffed with recipes, tips & tricks and many great articles that will color your table and spice up your kitchen! No longer just products, but providing the complete experience. Informing and stimulating consumers to live a healthy lifestyle but also to share this with family and friends.
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