Les Artistes Set Of 2 Nutmeg Espresso Cups 18cl

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Les Artistes Set Of 2 Nutmeg Espresso Cups 18cl
Each cup has a capacity of 100ml
The cups are chip resistant
The cups come with engravings

Size: 180 ml
Material: Porcelain
Colour: Nuttmeg
Product Weight: 422 g
Product Length: 11.6 cm
Product Height: 19.2 cm
Product Width/Depth: 10.4 cm

Who are we ?
We have a passion for hydration...Not only for champagne and great wines, but also for Hydration when travelling, exercising or just simply away from home.
We believe that if people have access to an absolute "MUST have" hydration container, it will be re-used every day.
It will have the beneficial effect of reducing unbelievable amount of yearly disposable cans and bottles (300.000.000.000 cans and bottles - yes, we are talking about billions). We would like to contribute to reducing this waste by our belief "Re-Use to Reduce"
With 8 years in the market, our products are currently available in more than 42 countries and the number is growing continuously. For everyone joining the motion we reduce by more than 50 plastic bottles per year!
Our containers is made by passionate people working together. The work is from innovation, designing the product, awesome marketing, operating the machines, shipping the products So in all fairness we named ourselves "Les Artistes" to include everyone in our story.
Better Life
Better Life
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