Nanodron Leather Black Air Purifier

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Nanodron Leather Black Air Purifier
We offer unlimited possibilities of creating unique air cleaner design. A wide variety of colour solutions and textures (glossy, matte, timber and textile), universal methods of device mounting and individual approach to every order provide ways for development of a conceptual integrated design, matching the interior and designation of any premises.

The High-Tech Air Purification System
NANODRON Air Purifier systems represent a new generation of high-tech indoor air cleaning devices that combine traditional German quality and innovative ecological technologies based on scientific research and designed for your health protection. These devices are intended for use in premises of various types.

Innovative Ecologically Perfected Technology
Cleaning the air from gases and air pollutanting particles down to 1 nm (=Nanometer) - the separation efficiency is even better than by HEPA 13 Filter classification.

Unique System with Multiple Operating Levels
antibacterial air filtration system preliminary filter, electrostatic gas filter, high tension electronics, carbon filter, air ionisers

Optimal Design
effective combination of air flows, evenness of indoor climate, usability, simple maintenance, compact size, unique design patterns;

Minimal Electricity Consumption of only 15W
at every operating level of air-purifiers (automatic regulation depending on air pollution grade);

Compliant with all International Quality Standards
is manifested in a high efficiency, long service life, reliability, safety, low noise level.

Frees the Air from Bacteria, Mould, fungal, Pollens and other allergens
absolutely harmless to human health and the environment, unique indoor air purification

Air Purifier: Breath Clean Healthy AIR!
Indoor air purifier and ionization with NANODRON air purifier system in functional premises of common use (smoking rooms, airports, stations, trade centers, SPAs, beauty salons, etc.) besides absorption and neutralization of all odours that are a nuisance, creates optimal healthy micro climate, facilitates work efficiency and improves the general state of health of personnel and visitors.
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