Laurastar Anti-Scale Granules Refills for Iron Water Filter

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Laurastar Anti-Scale Granules Refills for Iron Water Filter
The anti-scale granules allows you to filter tap water before it is used for ironing. The granules prolong the life of your iron by preventing limescale. Steam quality is improved by filtering salts and by being anti-corrosive, it also prevents damage to the boiler components within the ironing system. By removing extra calcium and minerals, the life your iron, garments, and fabrics are prolonged with the use of the Laurastar anti-scale granules. The granules should be replaced when they turn completely brown.

Suitable for the integrated anti-scale filter in the following ironing systems: Laurastar Pulse, S7, 6, S5, S4, Premium S3, G5 and G4.

Box contains 3 refill bags for the water used in your iron
Specially formulated by Laurastar to filter away damaging minerals from tap water
Improves steam quality in ironing system
Prevents limescale and corrosion, prolonging life of your iron

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches
Item Weight: 1.23 pounds

Laurastar was founded by people who loved beautiful fabrics. Their passion led them to create a unique world bringing together beauty and Swiss technology to enhance your clothes and your appearance.

Beautiful clothing and technological perfection soon became Laurastar's watchwords. With one objective: to make them accessible to all. It all started when its founder collaborated with an Italian engineer. One made beauty his watchword, the other cherished an ideal: to make a technology, which until then had been exclusively for professionals, accessible to everyone.

The Swiss brand's first invention was an ironing board incorporating a professional steam generator guaranteeing unparalleled results and ultimate ease of use within your home. It was an immediate and enduring success.

Laurastar exists to revolutionize ironing techniques. Its Swiss researchers and engineers are dedicated to ongoing innovation in order to bring state-of-the-art technology into your home. Professional soleplate, exclusive steam, active board: the brand has perfected an entire ironing system to beautify your clothes and offer you exceptional ease of use.

Laurastar ironing systems are designed with a single goal: to help you obtain a unique, professional result within your home. To do this, the brand brought together an exclusive Laurastar active board, equipped with a blower and vacuum system, an integrated professional steam generator and a professional iron - another Laurastar exclusive feature.
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