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Electro Media Lightweight LED Boards
Are ideal whenever weight is an issue, either in rental cases, or when installed over buildings roofs that can't take excessive weight, or when steel structures are too costly so it would be cheaper to use this type of modules.

This type of boards is available in waterproof modules in pitch 6, 10, 15, 20 and 25mm with 1 or 2 R/1G/1 B LED per pixel, brightness from 5500 to 9000 Nits and weighing only 8 kg / module. Installation is also easier and less costly than traditional Led modules cabinets, because no heavy steel enclosure is needed, and no air conditioning either.

Can also be used indoors in events, TV studios, clubs, decoration etc...


1) Uniform size and ultra-thin cabinet:
Our new modules have an uniform cabinet size: 480mm*480mm for all the pitches 6, 10, 15, 20, 25. Depth without handle is only 85 mm
2) Lightweight design and easy to install/maintain:
50% lighter than standard cabinets: only 32kg / m2 while others are 56-60kg/m2. Four screws on the backside of the cabinet are used to hold it on the chassis.
3) Waterproof protection:
IP66. Can be soaked under 3 meters of water for half hour.
4) Fan-less system:
No fan or air conditioning needed (money saving). Working temperatures: -25 C to +50 C
5) High brightness LED and energy saving:
Using a special control technology, this module can save up to 50% power, for example: The average power of Pitch 15mm per m2 is 160W while others are 400-800 W.
6) High refresh rate:
Between 1000 and 4000 Hz, while common panels refresh rate is 600 Hz. making it camera friendly
7) Pixel to Pixel color calibration:
Using a special technology to adjust screen colors after few years of usage.
8) Cabinet material
Advanced technology using special plastic material with aluminum cover: UV resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fire retardant.

Available in pitch 6, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm

Lightweight Boards are available at Electro Media International in Bechara El Khoury, Beirut, Lebanon.

Electro MEDIA is a company specializing in supply and installation of large LED electronic video display boards used for outdoor advertising, Stadiums, Shopping Centers and Live Events. Our experience in this field is great, because we understand this business better than anyone else, since we started as end-users and quickly became a supplier and installer in different parts of the World (Asia, Middle-East, Europe, Africa, North America, Australia). In fact, our company was the FIRST and in most cases the ONLY one to install boards in several Countries of the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Our wide experience in the field of advertising, supply and installation of large LED billboards makes us a Company you can count on for projects anywhere in the World. The high quality we offer and the services we provide, make our price very competitive compared to any other manufacturer.


*Electro MEDIA started doing business from Taiwan in 1992 with sales of small indoor electronic message displays, then began the media part with an outdoor first generation LED. electronic board (9 colors) installed in Beirut, Lebanon. As demand grew, more similar boards were installed in several Countries of the Middle-East, Europe and Africa.
*In 1995, we introduced and exported 2nd generation LED boards, and the difference was a video animation capability with 256 colors.
*In 1996, we introduced our first FULL COLOR (262,400 colors) LED boards. The media was starting to become more attractive, but the problem was with cost.
*In 1998, as ultra-bright Blue LEDs from JAPAN became affordable, we entered into partnership with a team of highly qualified electronic engineers from Taiwan and started manufacturing LED sign boards in Taiwan with best quality LEDs from Japan, and our first TRUE COLOR video boards (16.7 million colors) were out.
*The result and quality were so good that we received many subsequent orders.. Today, our latest Full color boards have already been installed in over 48 countries around the World, for advertising and in stadiums. Click here for more details


The major breakthrough was in 2001 when we became affiliated to the electronics giant PANASONIC, after we made a sales and marketing agreement to promote their LED displays manufactured in their Taiwan facility, using Japanese components and technology. The outcome would be TOP quality LED video screens at a more competitive price and better service, due to our extended experience in LED field, throughout the World.

But with the emergence of China as a high-tech products manufacturing country, and in order to compete more efficiently with he World's major LED companies, we invested in our own factory in Shenzhen, China, and started in 2003 MANUFACTURING the same great quality products, mostly using Japanese LEDs (Nichia), but at very competitive prices, due to cheaper labor costs in Mainland China.

So now, we offer to our clients the choice of original Panasonic brand LED products made in Japan and Taiwan, with 5 years warranty, or Electro MEDIA brand products made in China with 3 and 2 years warranty, at a discounted price.
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