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Snowsound Desk Partitions

Desk Accessories
from Crown House
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
  • Snowsound Desk Partitions
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The porous surface of freshly fallen snow can absorb almost 100% of sound wave energy and is why we experience quieter outdoor conditions just after a snowfall. Inspired by nature, Snowsound is innovative technology that mimics the properties of freshly fallen snow to absorb sound and eliminate echo for a more peaceful environment. Snowsound's patented composition of 100% recyclable, variable density polyester significantly optimizes room acoustics by selectively absorbing low-range, mid-range and high-range frequencies while still reflecting some of the high-range frequencies such as essential pitches in music for a balanced acoustic environment. Snowsound Acoustic Panels undergo strict Laboratory quality testing* to ensure optimal performance for decreasing sound reverberations and creating a calm acoustical experience no matter the setting; whether it's an open office space, conference room, call center, restaurant, hotel, house of worship, museum gallery, concert hall, classroom, retail shop, movie theater, studio or personal residence.


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Snowsound Desk Partitions